You can set the style of individual items in a table card, to highlight or group them visually.

After you apply a theme to the table card, and set the style of elements, you might then want to style rows and columns individually.

Note: Your most recent style and format changes override earlier changes.

To navigate to the Format configuration:

  1. Select a table card in designer mode
  2. In the Card configuration panel, select the Format tab, then the Format subtab.

To style an item in a table card:

  1. In the Dimensions dropdown, select a dimension or Line-items.
  2. Select an item from the next dropdown.
  3. Select the style of the item:
    • Background.
    • Font color.
    • For Emphasis, select bold , italic , and underline , independently.
    • For Alignment, select left , center , or right .
  • Select the format for the item cells:
    • Number format
      • For Units, select Default, Currency, Percentage, or None.
      • Optionally select a Grouping separator. 
      • Optionally select a Prefix and Suffix.
    • Number scale
      Select None, Thousands, or Millions from the dropdown menu.
    • Decimal places
      Select Default or 0 to 5.
    • Decimal point
      Select Dot or Comma.
    • Thousands separator
      Select Default, None, Dot, Comma, or Space.
  1. Save or Publish your page when you're ready.