Get started with Anaplan on mobile

To access Anaplan wherever you are, download the Anaplan mobile app to your iOS or Android device.

Navigate the mobile home screen

When you successfully log in, you will be taken to the mobile home screen.

Boards on mobile

Boards are pages that contain different card types, which display data from Anaplan models.

Worksheets on mobile

Use worksheets to analyze and edit data at its most granular level, on the mobile app.

Comment on a card in mobile

You can comment on cards and tag other Anaplan users who have access to the source model of the card.

Workflow on mobile

You can view and complete workflow tasks within the Anaplan mobile app.

Notifications on mobile

Receive push notifications or in-product notifications on your mobile. Push notifications happen when you are mentioned in a comment, or a worksheet or board is shared with you. You get push notifications even when you’re not using the mobile app. In-product notifications are notifications about messages related to your Anaplan account.

Cards on mobile

In the Anaplan mobile app, cards on a board display vertically. The card that displays at the top is the card that displays in the top-left of desktop Anaplan. Page builders configure which cards display on boards.

Context selectors on mobile

Context selectors on the mobile app allow you to switch between dimension values to change the data that is being displayed. They can be applied to pages or cards with more than two dimensions.

Change source model on mobile

Change the source model for a page on the mobile app to display data from another model while keeping the page structure unchanged.

Edit data on mobile

Modify or add data in the mobile app.