About Predictive Insights

Predictive Insights is a native Anaplan platform that gives users the ability to score and prioritize accounts in an intelligent data-driven way, based on machine learning models.


Datasets are the key building block of Predictive Insights. Each dataset is a collection of data that represents customers and prospects. This list of accounts is used for scoring and enrichment of models.

Predictive Insights models

A Predictive Insights model is a model which was trained by the Predictive Insights machine-learning engine. The process in which a machine learning algorithm uses account information to detect patterns and relationships between attributes and customer or prospect accounts in a dataset to generate predictions for prospective accounts.

Predictive Insights actions

Run Predictive Insights actions to score and enrich account data and gain a better understanding of customers and prospects.

Activity logs in Predictive Insights

You can access activity logs for every object in Predictive Insights. This includes datasets, models, scoring and enrichment actions.

Predictive Insights system messages

This document provides a list of system messages and follow-up actions, together with an explanation for the issue. These are organised by the type of action you are doing.