When you're ready to present your report, use the Present button in the toolbar to display your report slides full screen.

You need to be connected to Anaplan to present a report. To generate a PDF report pack for offline viewing, Export as PDF when you're connected to Anaplan.

Note: When you select Present, your presentation displays the current global context.

To present your report:

  1. Select Present in the toolbar.
    The current slide zooms to display full-screen.
  2. To change the context while in presentation mode, you can select from the context selectors at the top-right of the screen, or select elements within cards.
Present a report displays a slide in a full screen view. The context bar displays at the top of the screen, with the Products dimension opened where you can select a list item as the context.
  1. Use cursor keys to advance to the next slide or go back to a previous slide.
  2. To exit the presentation, press the Escape key, or use the Exit Full Screen control in your browser.