Use actions to quickly complete business processes. For example, to import and export data or added a new item to a list. 

You can run actions from a card if a page builder has configured this option. The page builder can configure an action to display the steps and summary of a model action.

Some export actions are always available, even if not configured by the page builder. You can always export:

To run actions from a card, hover over your card and select more menu .

  1. Hover over your card and select more menu .
  2. Hover your cursor over any action type, then select the action you want to run.
    A dialog box opens. The options it displays epend on the type of action. For example, the dialog for an export action displays an Export button.
Actions dropdown on grid card. The imports category is selected and displays its options.
  1. Select the button — for example, Export, Import, Run Process — to complete the selected action.
  2. Select Close.

Page builders add action cards to pages so you can run actions configured in the source model. 

Use import actions to import data into your apps and pages. 

To run an import action, select the action button, then select Choose file. Select Import

Note: Import actions in the user experience behave differently from the modeling experience. In this case, the import:

  • is always private.
  • data source does not save to the model.
    This means that every time you run an import it will ask you to pick a file and upload again.
  • does not replace or alter any imports set up in the model.

To run an export or process action, select the action button. The file(s) will automatically download. 

To update data elements in the source model, select the action button.

To run a forecast action, select the action button, then select Run.

Use form actions to create list items, list properties, and line item values. 

To run a fom action, select the action button, then enter a Name. Select Submit to add a new list item to your page and the source model. 

To run an assign action:

  1. Select the action button. 
  2. Select the items to assign.
  3. You can select Filter to filter by list items. 
  4. Select Next, then select Assign.

Note: When you filter list items:

  • Selecting the parent also selects any children. 
  • If a list item contains one child, selecting the child also selects the parent. 
  • You can select list items from multiple lists. 

You can send notifications to users specified by your page builder. Notifications have a maximum length of 300 characters.

To run a notification action, select the action button. Enter your message, then select Send

Note: If your access is restricted, for example, you do not have access to the notification's destination page, you will not see the page name or its details. You can still send the notification.