1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Use apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Cards
  4. Comment on a card

Add a comment to any type of card that is on a board. The comment will apply to the current set of context selectors. If you change the context selection, a different collection of comments will show. Use @ to tag someone in the comment.

To comment on a card:

  1. Open a board page.
    • If there are comments within the current context selection a Comment icon displays in the top-right of each card. You can view and contribute to the conversation.
    • If there are no comments on the card, hover over the card to display the Comment icon . Start a conversation.
  2. Click the Comment icon.
    The Comment panel displays on the right.
  3. Type a comment in the text field at the bottom of the panel.
    To mention someone in the comment, tap @ and type their name. If it displays, select it.
    You can mention anyone who has access to the page.
  4. Click the Post icon .
    The comment is posted and is also available to view on mobile. 
  5. To close the Comment panel, click the Comment icon  in the top-right corner of the board.