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Anaplan Home

Anaplan Home serves as a personalized entry point and introduction to your Anaplan experience, with fast and direct access to your favorites, models, apps, and pages.

Anaplan User Experience

Use Boards and Worksheets to view and edit detailed data from Anaplan models on interactive grids and cards


Dive into model building and learn how to create Anaplan models

Calculation functions

A complete reference to Anaplan's built-in functions

Import and export data

Bring data from external sources into Anaplan models and export model data to external systems


Make decisions based on machine learning forecasts

Predictive Insights

Improves sales performance with machine learning

Data integration

Anaplan provides integration options at multiple levels, ranging from the environment of popular applications, to a command-line utility, to an application programming interface


Use Anaplan with Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, and Microsoft 365

Mobile app

Use the mobile app to view and edit your boards and worksheets, and carry out data analysis from your phone or tablet.

Administration and security

The Administration Console enables Tenant Administrators to make changes to your Anaplan environment and workspaces. Tenant Auditors can view audit events if your organization has that feature enabled.

Application Lifecycle Management

Manage the development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of your Anaplan applications

Classic Dashboards

Build dashboards in the modeling experience

Resources for Anaplan

View more resources for Anaplan including Downloads, Support, Academy training and Community forums


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