To use the MVLR algorithm, create an item-level explainability feature names list, modules, and actions.

To create an explainability import action:

  1. Create a list called List Forecast Feature Names.
    This list is empty when you begin.
  2. Select Import from the middle panel.
  3. From the Select Source dialog, select Upload New File.
  4. Navigate to and select import_action_setup_explainability.csv from the list of model files.
    Use this CSV file(opens external page) as a template to set up your import action.
  5. Select Open.
  6. From the File Options dialog:
    • Use the Set Default File dropdown to select Admins Only (see screenshot 1 below).
    • Select Next.
  7. From the dialog Set as Default Import File (Administrators only), select Yes.
  8. From the dialog Import:  List Forecast Feature Names:
    • Select Name only on the right.
    • Select Run import.
      This defines the import to the list you created in step one: List Forecast Feature Names.
  9. From the Model Settings dropdown, select Actions (see screenshot 2 below).
  10. Optional: from the Imports actions list, rename the import action you created <your import action> to  IMP List Forecast_Feature_Names. The import is now defined to your list.

Screenshot 1: File Options with Admins Only selected as the Default File.

The File Options dialog with Admins Only as a dropdown selection.

Screenshot 2: Model Settings with Actions and Imports.

Model Settings with Actions and Imports.


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