Administration: Users

As a Tenant Administrator, you can carry out these actions in the Users section of the Administration app:

  • Enable and disable Anaplan users.
  • View user account information such as the models to which a user has access.
  • Disable dormant users.
Important: When you disable an Anaplan user, that user is prevented from logging in to Anaplan. User access for enabled users can be managed at the workspace and model level.

Enable or Disable Users

  1. Click Users.
  2. Click a row, or use ctrl+click (on Mac, cmd+click) to select multiple, non-adjacent rows.
  3. Click Enable or Disable to enable or disable the selected Anaplan users.

View User Details

To view user details, such as the list of models a user has access to, double-click the row for that user.

Disable Dormant Users

Dormant users do not have access to any workspaces or models. You can disable access to Anaplan for dormant users:

  1. Click Disable Dormant Users.
  2. Click Disable Users.