All Functions

Review the full list of Anaplan calculation functions, in alphabetical order

Time and Date Functions

Learn how to use popular date functions such as DATE, DECUMULATE, END, LAG and more

Financial Functions

Get up to speed with FV, IRR, NPER, NPV, PMT, PV and RATE functions for improved financial modeling

Numeric Functions

Refer to this list of useful number functions like ABS, MIN, MAX, ROUND and others

Logical Functions

Perform complex calculations using popular logical functions such as AND, IF, LOOKUP, SELECT, SUM and more

Call Center Planning Functions

Perform accurate modeling of common operational scenarios, involving queuing to wait to be served by a person or a machine

Aggregation Functions

Discover how to get values from a source line item using one or more mappings using ANY, ALL, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, SUM and more

Miscellaneous Functions

Work with Anaplan functions such as COLLECT, MAILTO, MAKELINK, RANK and more

Compound Functions

Find out about common compound functions, along with tips on implementation.

Excel Comparison

See which Anaplan functions have an Excel equivalent to improve your model building skills

Convert between Data Types

Find out which functions can be used to converting the type of data to allow it to be used in a different context

Operators and Constants

Improve your formula editing skills by using a range of operators and constants

Formula Usage Tips

Read our handy guide to help you determine the best function to use for a given scenario.