Anaplan HyperConnect powered by Informatica

Anaplan HyperConnect powered by Informatica is an integration solution that leverages the technology of Informatica Cloud. It provides an additional Extract Transform & Load (ETL) tool for integrating on-premise and cloud applications with Anaplan.

Anaplan customers that already have an Informatica Cloud license do not need to purchase HyperConnect. The Anaplan Connector for Informatica cloud is available in the Informatica marketplace.

Note: HyperConnect is provided by Informatica under separate usage terms.

Anaplan HyperConnect is a fully-featured Informatica Cloud license that includes the integration platform and access to hundreds of connectors, including the Informatica Anaplan Connector. The Informatica Anaplan Connector is a single connector that is part of Informatica Cloud and allows customers to integrate with Anaplan. However, HyperConnect is not compatible with Informatica PowerCenter.

Note: HyperConnect integrations must have Anaplan as a source or target.

HyperConnect provides:

  • access to large collection of SaaS and on-premise DB and ERP connectors,
  • support for batch-oriented integration,
  • support for native scheduling, and
  • billing and support provided by Anaplan.
Note: Real-time integration and integrations between non-Anaplan systems, such as Salesforce to Workday integration, are not supported. Secure agent is not hosted by Anaplan. It can be hosted inside the firewall or inside Informatica Cloud.

Why choose Anaplan HyperConnect?

HyperConnect makes it easy to integrate Anaplan with SaaS applications, including Salesforce and Workday.

Watch this 3-minute demonstration on how you can push and pull data between Anaplan and Salesforce using HyperConnect:

To integrate Anaplan with on-premise systems, HyperConnect has access to multiple on-premise DB and ERP connectors.

Watch this 3-minute demonstration on how you can integrate your Anaplan platform with a SQL database to push and pull data and metadata to and from your source solution:

You can also seamlessly integrate with a shared folder, allowing you to bring in data in a .csv format:

To get started with Anaplan HyperConnect powered by Informatica, you must have an Informatica Cloud license and request the Anaplan Connector from the Informatica marketplace. Read more about the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud or download the user guide.

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