Excel Add-in 3.1

Use the Anaplan Excel Add-in to display data from Anaplan modules in Microsoft Excel.

The current version of the Excel Add-in is version 3.2. Version 3.1 is no longer available to download. You can benefit from improved speed and new features if you download and install the latest version of the Excel Add-in.

For previous versions of the Excel Add-in, see:

Note: You must uninstall version 3.0 of the Excel Add-in before installing version 3.1. Version 2.6 and version 3.1 can be installed on your machine at the same time.

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The Anaplan Excel Add-in is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enables you to display data from Anaplan modules in Excel worksheets.

Once you've created a connection between an Excel worksheet and an Anaplan module, you can view, edit, pivot, and filter the data in Excel, and perform calculations using Excel formula.

Note: The Excel Add-in creates a one-way connection between Anaplan and Excel. You can view and edit Anaplan data in Excel, but you can't push those changes back to Anaplan to update the source module.

Install and use the Excel Add-in

Follow these steps to download, install, and use the Excel Add-in:

  1. Install the add-in
  2. Log in to the add-in
  3. Connect an Excel worksheet to an Anaplan module
  4. View and edit the Anaplan data in Excel

Update the Excel Add-in

When an update of the Add-in is available, a notification displays automatically when you log into the Excel Add-in. Some updates are optional, but some are essential to continue using the Add-in.

If the update is optional, the notification states that updates are available. You can then click Yes, No, or Cancel.

  • Click Yes to download and install the update.
    The update downloads and the Excel Add-in Setup Wizard launches.
  • Click No to download the updates now and install later.
    The update downloads — the Excel Add-in Setup Wizard launches when you close the Add-in.
    Follow the instructions to install the Excel Add-in update.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the update.

The notifications states if the update is essential to continue using the Add-in. You can still click Yes, No, or Cancel, but the Add-in is not available for use until the updates are installed.

Get help using the Excel Add-in

If you need help once you've installed the add-in, want to learn more, or need to contact Anaplan Support, click the Anaplan tab in Excel, and then click Help.

You have the following options:

Option Description
Anapedia Learn how to use the Excel Add-in. This opens the Excel add-in documentation in Anapedia.
Contact support Send an email to Anaplan support if you're having an issue with the Excel Add-in.
Feedback Send an email to give feedback to the Excel Add-in team.
About See information about the Excel Add-in, including the version you have installed. You'll need this information if you want to raise an issue with Anaplan Support.