Excel Add-in version 3.0

Excel Add-in version 3.0 enables you to retrieve Anaplan module data and display it in Microsoft Excel.

Version 3.0 of the Excel Add-in has been completely redesigned but retains many features from version 2.6. In version 3.0, you’ll see improvements to:

  • performance — the Excel Add-in can quickly retrieve larger data sets.
  • infrastructure — there's a new service to improve data requests.
  • flexibility — you can carry out ad-hoc analysis using the latest data from a model.
  • redesign — we've redesigned the interface based on your feedback.

You no longer have to ask your model builder to create specific views for you in Anaplan. You can now connect to your model and pivot the data in the Add-in to define the perspective you want to work with.

Note: Excel Add-in version 3.0 does not replace Excel Add-in version 2.6, which is still available to download. If you’re currently using version 2.6, you can continue to use it, alongside version 3.0.

Excel Add-in version 3.0 enables:

  • a one-way connection between Anaplan and Excel. In version 3.0, you retrieve from Anaplan and configure your data in Excel. You can create multiple, simultaneous direct connections to different models and modules in your workspace without the need for specific views to be created in Anaplan. It’s a one-way connection to Anaplan and you can't send data back.

  • seamless platform integration and SSO support. You log in to Excel Add-in version 3.0 using the same email address and password you use for If your organization authenticates Anaplan users through single sign-on (SSO), you can log in to Excel Add-in version 3.0 with your usual credentials. After you log in, you can access all the models you have access to in your workspace.

  • reporting. You can create highly-formatted reports to add to presentations, or views for one-off or batch printing. The Excel Add-in is designed to preserve formatting as the Anaplan view definition changes.

  • data querying where highly formatted output isn't required. You can pivot and filter your Anaplan data for ad-hoc, on-the-fly analysis and refresh the data at any time to obtain the very latest information, directly in Excel.

How do I install and use Excel Add-in version 3.0?

  1. Complete the Downloads form.
  2. Install and Configure Excel Add-in v3.0
  3. Log in to Excel Add-in v3.0
  4. Retrieve and customize your Anaplan data


Click Help on the Anaplan tab within the ribbon:

  • Anapedia — opens the Excel Add-in version 3.0 help in Anapedia.
  • Contact Support — opens your email client, so you can raise a ticket with Anaplan Support.
  • Feedback — opens your email client, so you can provide feedback about your experience to the Excel Add-in team.
  • About — shows the Client version and a session ID. We recommend that you include this information when raising an Anaplan Support ticket.