Excel Add-in 4.0

Use the Anaplan Excel Add-in to retrieve data from Anaplan modules and saved views into Microsoft Excel. Once retrieved, perform data analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Once you connect Excel to Anaplan, you can view and edit your data, and remap how you connect.

You can use the Add-in as part of your Anaplan subscription with no additional fee.

Version 4.0 is the first Series 4 release of the Excel Add-in. This version includes new features such as a revised upgrade experience and the ability to remap your Anaplan connection from one environment to another within the Excel Add-in.

List of features

Here is a summary of the features in versions 3.4 and 4.0 of the Excel Add-in:

Features 3.4 4.0
Release dates Mar. 2020 Aug. 2020
Connection modes

Read-Only Connection Yes Yes
Read/Write Connection Yes Yes *
Multi-Sheet Connection Yes Yes

Enhanced installer
Revised upgrade
Remap a connection
Improved accessibility with Office Themes
Workbook Conversion
Email Support Yes Revised
Direct help access (Anapedia) Yes Revised
Provide Feedback Yes Revised
Clone a connection Yes Yes
Pivot and Filter a module connection Yes Yes
Sign in options

Sign In with Authentication Settings (cloud access)
Sign In with Single Sign-on Yes Yes
Sign In with Anaplan username and password Yes Yes

Proxy support Yes Yes

*To turn off New Read/Write Connection for Series 4, contact Anaplan Support.