Send and Refresh a read-write connection

The send and refresh function enables you to save data changes you've made in the Excel Add-in to your Anaplan model. The data changes are saved via the read-write connection.

You must have a read-write connection and be linked to a module or to a saved view in the Excel Add-in.
Click Show/Hide Toolbar on the Anaplan ribbon to display the Excel Add-in toolbar.

To send and refresh data:

  1. Make your data changes in your connected worksheet.
  2. Click out of the cell(s) you made changes to.
    This validates the data change.
  3. On the Anaplan ribbon, click Show Changes.
    The Finding Changes dialog displays along with a Changes panel, that displays on the right.
  4. Once the changes are found, the dialog displays the status of your send and refresh connection.
    • If the status is Success, Your data has been updated from Anaplan, then your data changes are saved to your Anaplan model.
    • If the status is Errors detected, Send and Refresh failed. Please check your data in the panel, then go to step 5.
  5. In the dialog, click Continue.
    Then, go to the Changes panel to troubleshoot any errors.
  6. Click Send and Refresh in the Changes panel to save your data changes to Anaplan.
    Otherwise, click Discard changes.

To refresh a Multi-Sheet Connection:

  1. Follow the steps above.
    The Send and Refresh dialog lists the worksheets and color codes them per Multi-Sheet Connection.
  2. Either refresh all the worksheets or select from the list the ones you want to refresh.