PowerPoint Add-in

The PowerPoint Add-in lets you present Anaplan data in PowerPoint while leveraging PowerPoint functionality to create truly effective presentations. Create board packs, present the overall corporate direction, or bring everyone up to speed on progress against plans. Refresh your PowerPoint template and immediately see the latest plans and KPIs pulled from live data in Anaplan. You can change tables and charts on the fly using a set of unique, one-way connections between the embedded components and several source models. You just need a compatible version of PowerPoint, an Anaplan username and password, and view access to the Anaplan modules that contain the data you want to present.

The PowerPoint Add-in lets you embed tables, charts and text — each showing or containing Anaplan data — into your PowerPoint slides. You can easily configure connections to define unique configurations of Anaplan workspace, model, module and view to drive the data that you want to embed into your slides as tables, charts and text. Connections created on an individual Presentation (.pptx) file are available to other Anaplan users who open the presentation, then log in to the add-in.

The direction of data exchange is one-way — from the source models in Anaplan to any connections on the presentation file — so entering or changing data in PowerPoint doesn't affect your source models in Anaplan. When it's time to present, you can refresh the slide deck in one click. This updates any embedded Anaplan components with the very latest plan, actual or forecast numbers, or any other page dimension in the source view.

How can I get the PowerPoint Add-in?

Complete the Downloads form to get the PowerPoint Add-in. It's simple to install and updates are applied automatically: see PowerPoint Add-in: Installation and Setup or learn more about it in the online help.

You can use the Add-in as part of your Anaplan subscription — no additional subscription is required.