Note: Anaplan-signed certificates will expire soon. You can still use basic authentication with v1 API-based integrations. We encourage you to upgrade to v2 API-based Integrations supporting basic authentication and CA certificate authentication. For more information on Anaplan-issued certificate expiration, review our Certificate Expiration FAQ and blog post on Anaplan certificate expiration on Community.

To access the Certificates tab, click your initials at the top right and then click My Account.

Profile and My account options seclected in the User menu.

The Certificates tab lists the certificates that allow a user to authenticate when using Anaplan Connect.

Click Create new Certificate to obtain a valid certificate tied to your user name. You'll be prompted to download a newly-generated certificate (a .cer file). Save this file locally on your file system.

Anaplan Connect can be obtained from the Downloads page. There are two ways to instruct Anaplan Connect to use a downloaded certificate for authentication:

  1. The location of the downloaded certificate (.cer file) can be provided directly to Anaplan Connect using the -certificate option.
  2. The downloaded certificate can be stored in a password-protected Java KeyStore under a chosen alias. Once this is done, the path to the KeyStore, the KeyStore password, and the certificate alias should be provided to Anaplan Connect using the -keystore, -keystorepass and -keystorealias options, respectively. Please refer to the keytool documentation for instructions on how to import a certificate into a Java KeyStore.

Anaplan Connect also supports username and password-based authentication.