In Anaplan, access to models and functionality is controlled at both the workspace and the model level.

Note: For a breakdown of the features available to workspace administrators compared to end users, see the User Access Summary Table.

Workspace Level

Users can be added to (and deleted from) a workspace and, if required, designated a workspace administrator.

Workspace administrators have access to a broad range of functions that include amending settings on both the Contents and the Settings tab where they can:

  • create new user accounts — either manually or via an import;
  • create new roles and administer existing roles;
  • access all model management functions — to create and administer models;
  • control access to all roles and models in a workspace;
  • designate whether users have administrator access; and
  • control Single Sign On functionality for all users.

Users without the workspace administrator privilege can only access Contents. They have no access to model management functions and can only see models a workspace administrator has given them access to.

Model Level

Roles are used to control user access on a model-by-model basis. The role assigned to a user controls which models they can access and the permissions they have in those models. Two default roles are created for each model in a workspace: Full Access and No Access.

For more information about how to create a role, assign roles to users, and configure access permissions for roles, see Roles.

As a workspace administrator, you can:

User ID

An ID is assigned to every user when their account is created, either manually or via an import. As a workspace administrator, you can view the IDs for every user in your workspace in the User ID column in Model Settings > Users. User IDs are created by the system and can't be edited.

The user ID is used as a unique identifier when importing users into a model—for more information, see Import a List of Users.

Add Users to a Workspace

When you add a new user to a workspace:

  • An email notification is sent to the user telling them which Anaplan workspace they have been added to, along with a link to log in to that workspace.
  • For any other models in the workspace, the user is assigned the No Access role. If you want the user to have a different role for any of the other models, select Users in the model and use the Model Role drop-down to change the user's role.
  • The new user will have access to only those models to which their role has been assigned access when they log into the workspace.
  • By default, the user will be assigned the customer to which the current workspace belongs.
  • The new user is available in the Users list in models to which they have access.
If you designate a new user as a workspace administrator, they will have Full Access to all models. To limit this access, open the models to which you don't want the new user to have Full Access and manually change their role.

A 60-character limit is imposed on the Name field when adding a user (60 characters includes white spaces).

You can change a user's role, or make them a workspace administrator, after you've created their account.

To add a user to a workspace:

  1. Go to the Users tab in Model Settings.
  2. Click Add User.
    The Add User dialog displays.
  3. Enter the new user's Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.
  4. Select the workspace administrator check box if you want the new user to be a workspace administrator.
  5. Select the Authentication with Single Sign On check box to have the user use the single sign on feature,
  6. Select a Role for the user.
    By default, new users are given the Full Access role for the model to which you’re adding them.
  7. Click OK. The user is added to the Users list in all models to which they have access.

Import data to create new user accounts

If you have a number of new user accounts to create, you may find it easier to create a .csv file containing all the necessary information and import it into Anaplan. Learn how to Import a List of Users.

Designate Workspace administrators

When you designate a user as a workspace administrator, they will be able to control access to the models they themselves have access to, add new users, and change the roles users have.

To designate a user as a workspace administrator:

  1. On the Model Settings tab, click Users.
  2. Select the user name and click the Workspace Administrator check box.
To prevent you from being locked out, it's not possible to remove the workspace administrator privilege from your own user.

Delete a User

  1. In Model Settings, select Users.
  2. From the Users tab, select the user to be deleted.
  3. Click the Delete User button.
    A confirmation dialog displays.
  4. Click OK.