Restrict access to a page

Manage permissions to determine which user roles can view a page.

Page builders can restrict access to a page that's in designer mode.

To restrict access to a page:

  1. Click Page options in the top right of the page.
    The dropdown displays.
Page options dropdown displaying Restrict access option.
  1. Click Restrict access.
    The Restrict access dialog displays.
    By default, All users have access is selected.
    This means that all users can see the page.
  2. Select Restrict users.
    A list of roles displays, based on the roles in the underlying model.
    You can't restrict access for your own role.
  3. Select the roles to be given access to the page.
    Any deselected roles won't be able to access the page.
  • Type into the Find field to search for a particular role within the full list. Results for your search term display.
  • Click Select all to change a prior configuration in which you've selected some roles and deselected others.
  1. Click Apply.
    A confirmation message displays in the top right of the page.
  2. Click Publish to save your changes.