Add a table

You can insert a table containing data from a view in Anaplan into a slide in your PowerPoint presentation. The arrangement of data in your table is the same as in the view in Anaplan—only visible columns and rows are included. You can hide and show columns or rows, as long as the source view in Anaplan doesn't have nested dimensions on rows or columns.

Once you've added a table containing Anaplan data, customize it with the options available in PowerPoint—see Change the color, style, or layout of tables for some ideas. To make sure your tables show up-to-date data, refresh all connections before you give your presentation (see Refresh connections).

Note: Anaplan tables can contain a maximum of 75 columns or rows.

Insert a table containing Anaplan data

  1. On the Anaplan tab on the ribbon, click Add Table.
  2. Add Table

    This opens the Add Anaplan Table wizard.

  3. Select an existing connection or add a new one, and then click Next.
    1. If you're adding a new connection, choose the Customer, Model, Module, and View that contain the data you want to use.
    2. Type a name so that you and other users in your work group understand what this connection is for.
    3. Adding a new connection in step one of the Add Table wizard.
  4. On Step Two of the wizard, use the page dimension lists to choose the pages you want to show in your table. Think of the lists as pages in your view in Anaplan. If there are no lists, the view doesn't have any dimensions on pages.
  5. Overview of step two in the Add Anaplan Table wizard.
  6. Optionally, click Preview to generate a preview of the data for the table. Additionally, if the data is compatible, you can hide columns or rows that you don't want to include now but may want to show later. To hide columns or rows in the preview:
    1. Click Columns or Rows to view a list of all available columns or rows.
    2. Toggle the visibility of individual columns or rows by selecting or deselecting them on the relevant list.
    3. Wait while the data in the preview updates.
    4. Optionally, click Show All to show any columns or rows that you've hidden and reset the data in the preview.
    5. Note: The Columns, Rows, and Show All options are only available if the view in Anaplan has single dimensions on both columns and rows (so, it doesn't have either nested columns or nested rows).

  7. If you want to prevent other users from changing page dimensions for this table whenever they refresh the connections on the presentation, select the Lock icon. If a table has locked page dimensions, refreshing the connections populates the table with data from the same set of pages in the source view. To decide whether you want to lock pages, see Advantages of locking pages.
  8. Locking a page dimension for a table you're adding.
  9. When you're done selecting or locking pages, and the preview shows the data that you want in your table, click Create.
  10. Your Anaplan table is created and inserted into the current slide. Large tables might take a few seconds to appear.
  11. A table containing Anaplan data inserted into a PowerPoint slide.
  12. Customize your table to look how you want—see Change the color, style, or layout of tables.

Change the color, style, or layout of tables

You can use standard PowerPoint features to change the look of tables containing Anaplan data. For example, you can:

Only make changes that are retained when the connections on a presentation are refreshed (see What happens when I refresh?).

Warning: To avoid losing work, don't use these commands on the Layout tab with tables containing Anaplan data: Insert Above, Insert Below, Insert Left, Insert Right, Merge Cells, and Split Cells.

Things to know about editing Anaplan tables

Do NOT perform the following actions in PowerPoint when working with tables containing Anaplan data:

Changes such as these will get overwritten or removed when you, or someone else in your work group, refreshes the connections on the presentation.

Advantages of locking pages

Anaplan tables represent source data that consist of one or more pages from a view in a model. For example, a table might show an Employee Count by Region. You can choose page dimensions and whether these can be edited later. To prevent editing of page dimensions when the connections on the presentation are refreshed, select the Lock icon.

Detail from wizard showing a locked page dimension.

When can I lock pages?

When can I leave pages unlocked?

If you want a single presentation to be adaptable to suit different audiences or different purposes.