If Anaplan Support has submitted a request to access your workspace, an Encryption Administrator must enable Support access for them to proceed. 

When you grant Support access to your BYOK workspace, you agree to give access to the models in that workspace, the data in those models, and the change history in the models.

If Anaplan Support has requested access, request notifications appear when you view the Workspaces pane.

To enable access from a Support request:

  1. Access Administration from the Applications menu.
  2. Select BYOK > Workspaces.
  3. Review the access request shown in the Enable Support Access dialog.
    The access request includes the:
    • Name of the workspace
    • Data center code
    • Access duration
    • Description of why Support requested access.
  4. Select Enable Access to allow access for Anaplan Support or select Deny Access to refuse authorization.

Your Encryption Administrator can proactively enable access for Support analysts to your workspace:

  1. Navigate to Administration > BYOK > Workspaces.
  2. Select the appropriate workspace entry.
  3. Select Enable Support.
  4. Specify the access duration in the enable support dialog.
  5. Select Enable Access.

To disable access to your workspace for Anaplan Support analysts:

  1. Navigate to Administration > BYOK > Workspaces.
  2. Select the appropriate entry.
  3. Select Disable Support.
  4. In the Disable Support Access dialog, select Disable Access.
  1. Navigate to Administration > BYOK > Workspaces.
  2. View the entries.
    • An  icon designates workspace access for Anaplan Support.
    • An  icon designates no workspace access for Anaplan Support.