You import Amazon Ensemble explainability to see details and features of your forecast.

  • You need to have a model-level explainability module and import action.
  • Amazon Ensemble must be the algorithm of the forecast model.

To import Amazon Ensemble explainability:

  1. Choose the model with Amazon Ensemble as the algorithm from the list of forecast models.
  2. Select ‘Import explainability’ from the right panel.
    Below is an example of the menu choices.
Right panel that shows Amazon Ensemble as the algorithm and Import explainability as the bottom menu choice.

Note: explainability data expires 30 days after creation. We recommend you import explainability results immediately after model training, so that you can leverage this data.

  1. From the Import explainability dropdowns:
    • Select the Target workspace.
    • Select the Model.
  2. Enter the Explainability import action to list.
  3. Enter the model-level explainability module and import action.
  4. Select Import.
The Import explainability dialog with dropdown and fill-in menus.
  1. When the import run completes, you can view the explainability in the right panel.
The right panel which shows an explainability import. In this example, it is named Demand Management 2022.