We launched several new features in March, including updates to Management Reporting.

  • Cascade Slides: This update allows you to quickly and easily create multiple Linked slides based off a single or multiple slide dimensions.
    • These slides are then created as Linked slides based on the slide source.
    • When the Source slide is updated, any changes are also reflected in every Linked slide.
      Learn more with this 5-minute micro-lesson.
  • Hide Slides: The Page Builder can also Hide any slide in design mode so it's not visible when published. This is useful for hiding a source slide in a report.
    Check out Anapedia for more information.   

Chart Drill down: 

  • Chart Drill down: We have expanded the drill down functionality to work on chart data points as well as grid cells.
    • This allows you to easily see the breakdown or formula for any data points on a chart.
      Learn more from this video and check out Anapedia for more information.  
  • Model switch update: The selected model in pages that support multiple models is now persisted when you navigate across pages. The selected model is persisted provided the pages being navigated across have the same models.
    This can help with UX ALM when navigating across pages with the Dev model selected or in any scenario where you are using a page across multiple models.
  • End user Show/Hide enhancements: End user enhanced selections will bring parity to the UX and dashboard by providing end users with the ability to right click to Show/Hide, allowing them to apply a ragged selection and reorder selected rows/columns on a grid. 
  • Shutting off Return to Anaplan Classic: We have one modeling experience for all users and customers to decrease confusion and streamline our model building experience.
    Check out this blog to learn more.
  • Beta release of a new Modules View: Model builders have a new way to view, manage, and analyze the modules within their models. Model builders can create and delete modules, rearrange and sort on module attributes, and have navigation improvements.
    Check out our blog and Anapedia to learn more.
  • Anapedia Pop-Up in the Formula Editor: Model builders have the full function list from Anapedia directly in their formula editor. Model builders can search, review a specific function, and copy and paste the function with its syntax into their formula.
    Check out this blog and Anapedia to learn more.

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release.

  • Reorder modules in the new modules view: Building off the beta version of the new module view, Model builders will be able to reorder the modules in the model to better organize their model. This includes the ability to update the ordering with keyboard shortcuts.

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