About PlanIQ

PlanIQ is part of the Anaplan platform. It uses machine learning to generate forecasts for your business planning process. 

Stage 1: Create PlanIQ modules

You create PlanIQ modules to store the source data for your forecasts and forecast results.

Stage 2: Create export and import actions

You create export and import actions to enable PlanIQ to load data from/into Anaplan.

Stage 3: Build your PlanIQ components

You need to create a data collection, a forecast model and a forecast action. Think of these as the essential PlanIQ components.

PlanIQ supplements

The supplements in PlanIQ are optional ways to enhance your forecasts or better understand your results.

Monthly PlanIQ usage

PlanIQ comes with a monthly quota based on your subscription.

PlanIQ glossary

Here are some terms and definitions for PlanIQ.