Use the Search function to jump to the item you specify in a worksheet grid. This is useful when a grid contains volumes of data you would otherwise have to scroll through.

As an end user, you can search for dimensions and data items within a grid on a worksheet.

This is useful when you want to quickly display a specific subset or item. For example, you might want to view the data for a particular month, without scrolling along the entire grid.

To search within a worksheet:

  1. In the top left, to the right of the magnifying glass icon, click anywhere within the Find... window.
  2. Type your search term.
    A dropdown displays your search results along with the columns and rows they belong to.
Search in a worksheet.

   3. Select the search result for the item you want. The grid scrolls to the item's position.
      Alternatively, if the result is a context selector for the grid, then clicking it updates the grid with the data for
      that dimension.


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