Anaplan HyperConnect powered by Informatica is an integration solution that uses the technology of Informatica Cloud. It provides an additional Extract Transform & Load (ETL) tool for integrating on-premise and cloud applications with Anaplan.

HyperConnect makes it easy to integrate Anaplan with SaaS applications, including Salesforce and Workday. Watch a demonstration on how you can push and pull data between Anaplan and Salesforce using HyperConnect.

To integrate Anaplan with on-premise systems, HyperConnect has access to multiple on-premise DB and ERP connectors. Watch a demonstration of how to integrate your Anaplan platform with a SQL database to:

  • Push data and metadata to your source solution.
  • Pull data and metadata from your source solution.

You can also seamlessly integrate with a shared folder, allowing you to bring in data in a .CSV format. Watch a demonstration on how you can integrate with a shared folder.


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