1. Mobile app
  2. Worksheets on mobile
  3. Change context selections using row and column headers

Tap a row or column header to update the context selection of synchronized cards. 

Before you change the context selection:

  • You must be viewing a worksheet or maximized grid card
  • For a board, the grid card must be synced with other cards on the page 
  • For worksheets, the grid must be synced to cards in Additional insights
  • In both cases, the cards must share the same list items

In this example, the context selection changes from Total Brands to Make-up (250ml - FR) as the user selects a new row header.

Now the user selects the row header, Make-up A (250ml - FR), the context selector for Total Brands updates to match this selection. The context selection is now Make-up A (250ml -FR).
The context selector displays Total Brands.

The context selector is now set to Make-up (250ml - FR) to match the new row header selection.