Import backtest data to estimate the performance of your forecast model. 

To import backtest data:

  1. In Forecast models, select the model for which to import backtest results. 
  2. Select Import the backtest data from the inspector panel on the right.
  3. In the Name field, either use the name provided, or enter a new name for this model's forecast action. 

Note: If there is already a forecast action, use the same name for the backtest import.

  1. Select a Target workspace and Model.
    Use the workspace and model that contain the forecast results module.
  2. Select an Import action.
    Use the import action you created for your forecast results module. 
  3. Select Import.
    • The import status displays in the inspector panel.
    • The results import into your forecast results module.

When the results are available, you can compare the forecast for the backtest period against the actuals (from the same period). The performance estimation of the forecast model is derived from this comparison.

The blue, red and yellow lines are the forecast values. The grey lines are the actuals. It looks like the forecast values closely matched the actual results for this time period.