In Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets, you can refresh a connection to update a single worksheet, or an entire spreadsheet, with the latest data from Anaplan.

To update Anaplan with your changes, perform a Send and refresh instead. You can only send and refresh a read-write connection.

You can configure whether refresh includes Anaplan line item formatting and/or grid styles via Settings. Read-write connections, however, always apply Anaplan line item formatting.

If you cancel a refresh before the data download finishes, the data that displays in your worksheet is inconsistent with the Anaplan model. Complete a full refresh to ensure the data in your worksheet aligns with the Anaplan model.

On the Anaplan sidebar, select Refresh to refresh the current connection only, or Refresh all to refresh all worksheets in the current spreadsheet.

A dialog displays the Refresh status, when the refresh completes Up to date displays. You can select Cancel to cancel the refresh. If you cancel the refresh, select Resume to continue. Alternatively, you can select Discard > Yes.