Once you've created a Dataset in the Power BI Service (cloud), you can schedule a data refresh.

First, you must have an on-premise gateway set up. Then you create a report in the Power BI Desktop .

From the main PowerBI menu (upper right), select Manage connections and gateways to set up your gateway. 

The PowerBI menu. Manage connections and gateways is the dropdown choice selected in the upper right.

See On-premises and cloud data sources . Make sure that you check both the boxes in the settings menu:

  • Allow user's cloud data sources to refresh through the gateway cluster.
  • Allow user's custom data connectors to refresh through the gateway cluster.

When finished, you see the PowerBI message: Your gateway is all set up.

To refresh your dataset, with your on-premise gateway set: 

  1. Select Add Data Source (top left of dialog).
  2. Select Anaplan Connection Configuration from the Data Source Type dropdown. 
  3. Select your gateway from the Data Source Information dropdown.
  4. Select Apply.
The Microsoft New data source dialog. Arrows point to the button itself and two dropdowns.

From the Anaplan dialog:

  1. Select OAuth2 from the Authentication method dropdown.
  2. Select Sign in.
The Anaplan Authentication method dialog with a dropdown and Sign in button.

Once you've created a scheduled refresh within the Power BI Service (Cloud):

  • If your scheduled refresh frequency is more than 15 days, you must re-enter your login credentials before the end of the 15th day. If you don't, you need to authenticate anew.
  • We recommend a refresh frequency that is less than every 15 days. 
  • Apart from data refreshes, you need to re-enter your login credentials every 90 days. 


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