Calculation functions

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Function reference topics

  • All functions

    Review the full list of Anaplan calculation functions, in alphabetical order

  • Excel Comparison

    See which Anaplan functions have an Excel equivalent to improve your model building skills

  • Formula Usage Tips

    Read our handy guide to help you determine the best function to use for a given scenario.

  • Time and Date Functions

    Learn how to use popular date functions such as DATE, DECUMULATE, END, LAG and more

  • Financial Functions

    Get up to speed with FV, IRR, NPER, NPV, PMT, PV, RATE, and more functions for improved financial modeling

  • Numeric Functions

    Refer to this list of useful number functions like ABS, MIN, MAX, ROUND and others

  • Logical Functions

    Perform complex calculations using popular logical functions such as AND, IF, LOOKUP, SELECT, SUM and more

  • Call Center Planning Functions

    Perform accurate modeling of common operational scenarios, involving queuing to wait to be served by a person or a machine

  • Aggregation Functions

    Discover how to get values from a source line item using one or more mappings using ANY, ALL, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, SUM and more

  • Miscellaneous Functions

    Work with Anaplan functions such as COLLECT, ITEM, RANK and more

  • Convert between Data Types

    Find out which functions can be used to converting the type of data to allow it to be used in a different context

  • Operators and Constants

    Improve your formula editing skills by using a range of operators and constants

  • Text Functions

    Anaplan provides a range of functions that enable you to work with text.