If failures occur during import actions in a process, dump files containing details of the failures are created for each failed import action. Use this information to fix the problems and then try the process again.  

As dump files can be quite large, Anaplan breaks dump files into chunks for ease of download.

To prevent timeouts on large files, download the dump file in chunks.
It is possible to download dump files without chunking, but it is strongly recommended that chunking is used instead.

  1. Query the number of chunks in a dump file.
  2. Download the chunks sequentially.
  3. Concatenate the chunks on your host.

Note: The taskID is the last task of the user who carried out the specified task.

Query the number of chunks, as dump files may be very large.  Chunks are 10 mb or less and numbered sequentially from 0. In order to get the dump file for a particular action in the process, use the ObjectID from the previous call. (/tasks/{taskID}).

Method and endpoint




AnaplanAuthToken:{token}Your Anaplan authentication token value.
workspaceIDThe workspace ID
modelIDThe model ID
processIDThe process ID
taskIDThe ID for the process task.
objectIDThe dump object ID from the /tasks/{taskID} call.

Curl example

curl -X GET \ https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/0a800b00e0000000f000001eab0d0000/models/F1111111C11111111B11111F1111E11F/processes/118000000001/tasks/B7EA9FEC0FF2488B9A9E6040B6B26753/dumps/117000000015/chunks \ -H 'authorization: AnaplanAuthToken {anaplan_auth_token}' \ -H "Content-Type:application/json"



  "meta" : {

     "paging" : {

     "currentPageSize" : 1,

      "offset" : 0,

      "totalSize" : 3 },

      "schema" : "https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/models/F1111111C11111111B11111F1111E11F/objects/chunk" },

      "status" : {

           "code" : 200,

            "message" : "Success"


       "chunks" : [ {

           "id" : "0",

           "name" : "Chunk 0"

       }, "chunks" : [ {

            "id" : "1",

             "name" : "Chunk 1"

        }, "chunks" : [ {

            "id" : "2",

             "name" : "Chunk 2"

         } ]


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