To run an Anaplan bulk API requires some basic information before you perform the relevant action.

  • The Anaplan API Guide and Reference assumes you have basic familiarity with API and Anaplan terminology. 
  • This guide assumes you're familiar with RESTful APIs, including POST, GET, and PUT API calls.
  • The API examples in this document assume the ability to use the curl command-line utility. To learn about curl, see To ensure that the response to a curl request includes the HTTP response code, include the optional --verbose flag.
  • To run Export, Import, Process, or Delete actions, your Anaplan model builder must create appropriate actions for the API to run against. 
  • You should have a user with access to the appropriate Anaplan workspaces and models.  We suggest you run the APIs against a user with administrative access to better enable you to troubleshoot any issues.


The API calls discussed in this guide are examples of running Anaplan Actions.  For information on transactional API calls, see

The steps to use the bulk APIs vary by action.  In general, the steps are:

  1.  Obtain an authentication token.
  2. Obtain the workspace and model IDs to use.  
  3. To run Actions, perform the sequence for the relevant action:

Each API call description contains:

  • the method (POST, GET, or PUT)
  • a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) endpoint
  • the parameters used in the API call
  • an example of a curl command
  • a sample response