A Process is a single container that enables several actions to run in a particular order. 


  • can be configured on the Anaplan user interface by an Administrator user;
  • can contain any combination of import, export, and delete actions.

The steps to run a process action are:

  1. Get the list of process actions.
    GET https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes
  2. Start the process action.
    POST https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes/{processesID}/tasks
  3. Get the status of the process task
    GET https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes/{processesID}/tasks/{taskID}
  4. Get the list of chunks in a failure dump (if any)
    GET https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes/{processesID}/tasks/{taskid}/dumps/{objectID}/chunks
  5. Download the dump file (if any)
    GET https://api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes/{processesID}/dumps/{objectID}