1. Mobile app
  2. Get started with Anaplan on mobile
  3. Log in to your mobile app
  4. Log in with single sign-on (SSO)
  5. Set up Single Sign-on

Anaplan enables Enterprise customers to log in to the mobile app with SSO (Single Sign-on).

If the Anaplan app does not allow you to log in with SSO, ask your organization to make it an approved application.

Generally, you need to:

  • receive the above approval from either your IT or Security departments.
  • obtain access to the Anaplan resources detailed below.

Your organization could have an identity provider (IDP) that is externally or internally accessible. 

IDPMobile device needs to be able to
Externalresolve the name of the IDP, and
connect to the IDP.

resolve the name of the IDP, and
connect via VPN to the internal IDP, or
connect to a physical WiFi network that allows access to the internal IDP.

Unless the VPN connection is configured in this way, your 4G/3G mobile broadband connection will not work. This is because the device will be unable to resolve and connect to the internal IDP.

Connectivity requirements

The following connectivity is always required from the mobile device when the app is in use:

HostRequiredConnection typePort
sdp.anaplan.comAlwayshttps only443
us1a.app.anaplan.comAlwayshttps and wss443
us2a.app.anaplan.comAlwayshttps and wss443
us1a-arcus.app.anaplan.comAlwayshttps and wss443
us2a-arcus.app.anaplan.comAlwayshttps and wss443
eu1a.app.anaplan.comOnly if company has model data in the EUhttps and wss443
eu2a.app.anaplan.comOnly if company has model data in the EUhttps and wss443
eu1a-arcus.app.anaplan.comOnly if company has model data in the EUhttps and wss443
eu2a-arcus.app.anaplan.comOnly if company has model data in the EUhttps and wss443

If an in-line web proxy filters the connections (web filtering), then this proxy will also have to allow the mobile device to connect to the internal IDP.  This is required to reach the Anaplan hosts.

This list may change or be updated in the future.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.