You can connect a Google worksheet to an Anaplan module. This enables you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets.

You must sign in to Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets to create a connection.

By default, new connections are read-only. You can choose to create a read-write connection. Use read-write connections to update Anaplan with your changes using Send and refresh.

The cell limit in Google Sheets is 10 million cells, and there's a limit of 1 million Anaplan cells and list items per worksheet. Anaplan has no limit to the number of worksheets you can use to display data. 

Subsidiary views are not available in the add-on. You can connect to a module with subsidiary views in it, but the add-on detects these and filters them out.

You must set your locale to the UK or USA in Google Sheets to make sure you do not get an error in your column and row headings.

To create a new connection:

  1. On the Anaplan sidebar, select New connection.
  2. From the dropdowns, choose a Customer, Workspace, Model, and Module or view.
  3. You can select Read-write connection to create a read-write connection.
  4. Select Next.
    A preview displays the dimensions of the Anaplan module you're connecting to.
    If you need to pivot or filter the dimensions, do this in the Anaplan source model.
  5. Select Finish.

Warning: You can apply Anaplan grid styles and line item formatting in a worksheet. If you apply Anaplan styling this can slow the refresh speed as the data updates the styling. The effect is more noticeable the more rows and columns you have in your connection.

If you experience performance issues on refresh, deselect Apply Anaplan grid styling.