Add a connection to connect the PowerPoint Add-in to an Anaplan saved view. Once connected, you can add components that display the connected Anaplan data to your PowerPoint presentation. 

The target module for a connection in the add-in must contain two or more dimensions. 

You cannot connect a module that has over one million cells to the add-in.

  1. On the Anaplan ribbon, select Manage.
  2. Select Add.
    The Anaplan New Connection dialog displays. 
  3. In the Anaplan New Connection dialog, enter a Connection Name, then select Next.
    Enter a unique name for each connection.
  4. From the dropdowns, Select a customer, Select a workspace, and Select a model.
  5. Select a saved view, then select Next.
  6. You can pivot your dimensions.
  7. Select Finish, then select Close.

A dialog displays if the connection has more than 75 rows or columns or a connection to the saved view is a duplicate. Select OK.