Use the Anaplan PowerPoint Add-in to retrieve data from Anaplan saved views into Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Embed Anaplan data within your PowerPoint presentation. Refresh your connection to update the PowerPoint slides so they reflect the latest changes in your Anaplan model.

Use the add-in as part of your Anaplan subscription with no additional fee.

Check the preinstallation list to make sure your device has everything it needs to run the add-in. If it does then you can set up and install it. 

Once you've installed the add-in, sign in to access features. You can use your Anaplan username and password to sign in, or single sign-on (SSO). Use authentication settings to configure multiple sign-in methods and quickly access different environments.

Use the add-in to view and edit your Anaplan data in PowerPoint.

You can access the add-in's features through the Anaplan ribbon.

To see and use your Anaplan data, you first need to make a connection. On the Anaplan ribbon, select Manage to add and create, edit, or delete a connection between PowerPoint and Anaplan.

Then use the Components group in the Anaplan ribbon to present Anaplan data in tables and charts, and as text. 

Note: You can open PowerPoint documents from earlier versions of the add-in if you're using a later version.