Use the barcode scanner on mobile to add data to a cell, field card or form, or to search for a dimension or list item.

The barcode scanner can be used to:

  • Add numerical data to a cell on a worksheet or board
  • Capture numerical data for a field card or form
  • Help search for a dimension or list item.  For example, if you have ‘Universal Product Code’ as a dimension the barcode scanner can be used to capture and search for a particular barcode value instantly.

Anaplan does not save the images captured by the barcode scanner.

  • You have been granted permission to edit data by a model builder. Editable cells contain purple text.  
  • The cell or field you want to add data to is formatted for numerical data. 
  • Ensure the Anaplan app has access to your mobile's camera if the pop-up dialog box, pictured below, displays.
Allow the Anaplan mobile app to access your camera when the dialog box displays.
  1. Double-tap the cell you want to add data to.
    The cell opens in edit mode.
    Note: To open edit mode you can also select the cell, and tap either the cell preview or pencil icon. 
  2. Tap the barcode scanner icon to scan.
    The barcode number is automatically captured and entered into the cell.
    Note: If you have an Android smartphone, make sure it is in portrait mode when using the barcode scanner. 
The barcode scanner updated the cell automatically.
  1. Tap the tick to confirm the data entry.