In the PowerPoint Add-in, use Authentication Settings to select environments and authentication methods.

To add authentication settings:

  1. Select the arrow under Log in > Authentication Settings.
  2. Select Add at the bottom of the Environments panel.
    A new environment displays. New environments are named Default (1)Default (2), and so on.
  3. You can enter a new name in the Name field. 
  4. Enter the Connection URL for the environment.
    To check the connection URL, select Test Connection.
    Valid connections display a green checkmark . Invalid connections display a red cross .
  5. To enable Single Sign-on (SSO), toggle SSO Authentication right and enter your SSO Friendly URL in the SSO Friendly URL field.
  6. Select: 
    • Login.
    • OK to save the authentication settings.
    • Cancel to close the dialog and not save any changes.

Warning: When you first sign on with SSO, the PowerPoint Add-in adds ?svcId=auth to the URL. Do not remove this, as it's required for technical reasons.