Add related data from a source module to your data collection. It can help improve your PlanIQ forecast results. Related data is optional.

To add related data to your data collection:

  1. In the configuration dialog for Set up a data collection, select the Related data panel.
  2. Select the Include related data in this data collection


  3. Beneath Source, select either Anaplan or CloudWorks integration
      • If Anaplan, select the workspace and model for the related data module, and the export action for this module.
      • If CloudWorks integration, select from the dropdown.
        For instructions on how to create an integration, go to this page.
  4. Select the time scale that complements the time settings in your model. 
  5. Beneath Data mapping, map the fields below from the related data module.
      • Item ID list as the Item unique identifier.
      • Time as the Time dimension.

The line items from your related data module will automatically be pulled into your data collection.

  1. If you select Create data collection (bottom right of the screen), this triggers the data collection assembly. Optionally, you can Add attributes.