Attributes are an additional dataset that you can include in your data collection setup. This dataset groups items by their shared characteristics. Attributes helps forecasts place items into categories. 

In Set up a data collection, select Attributes (optional) in the left-hand panel. 

Alternatively, if you're in Related data (optional), select Add attributes in the bottom right of the screen.

To add attributes:

  1. Select Include attributes data set in this data collection.
  2. Choose either Anaplan or CloudWorks integration as the Source.

If you choose Anaplan as your Source:

  1. Select your workspace, model, and export action from your source model where you created your attributes module.
  2. In Data mapping, map the list that you want to use as your item unique identifier.
  3. Select Create data collection.
    The data collection assembly begins.
    The data collection displays in a list view with the date it's created and the status of the collection. 
  4. Optional: Select a data collection to display its overview and properties in the right pane. 
  5. Optional: If you want to reassemble a data collection, select the ellipsis to the right of the listing, and select Rerun data assembly.
    The newly assembled data collection overwrites the previous one.

If you choose CloudWorks integration as the Source, see Add attributes from a CloudWorks integration.


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