Use Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets to change page selection in your worksheet, just as you would in Anaplan. In Anaplan use page selectors to include more dimensions in a grid than you can display with rows and columns alone. 

You need to be in a Google worksheet that's connected to an Anaplan module. 

If you have a read-write connection you can send and refresh your worksheet before you change page selection. Send and refresh updates Anaplan with edits you've made, so these are not lost when you change page selection.

To change the dimensions that display in a Google worksheet:

  1. On the Anaplan sidebar, select the arrow next to the dimension you want to change.
  2. You can choose a different dimension from the dropdown. 
  3. Select the page you want to use, then select Refresh.

The data in the current worksheet refreshes with the latest Anaplan data. The connection description and Anaplan sidebar update to show your selected dimension. You can switch between dimensions and select new pages for each. All changes you make update when you refresh. 


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