In Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets, you can enter values with up to 17 decimal places in Anaplan. Google Sheets supports values up to 15 decimal places.

This can cause a Google Sheets value to be detected as a value change when you perform a Send and refresh.

When your connection includes a value with 17 decimal places, the 15th decimal digit may be rounded up when displayed in Google Sheets.  This happens when the 16th decimal digit is five or more.

If you want the 15th digit to be the same in Google Sheets and Anaplan, re-enter the value in Google Sheets. Google Sheets does not round the 15th digit up or down; it simply displays the first 15 decimal digits you enter.

Even if the values are the same in Google Sheets and Anaplan to 15 decimal places, if the value in Anaplan has 16 or 17 decimal places, this is detected as a value change.

Precision differences between Google Sheets and Anaplan may be complicated by floating-point math. The method Anaplan uses to calculate floating-point math may mean that the digit in the 17th decimal place is rounded up or down when entered.

You enter 0.12345678901234567 into a cell in Anaplan. The value displays in Anaplan as 0.12345678901234566 (due to floating point math, the 17th digit rounds down to six).

When you connect a Google worksheet to a module containing the cell, the value of the cell in Google Sheets is 0.123456789012346 (the 15th digit is rounded from five to six). 

You can re-enter the value in Google Sheets to 17 decimal places. Google Sheets accepts the number as 0.123456789012345 (the 15th digit is not rounded up).

When you send and refresh the connection, a value change is detected because the value in Anaplan has 17 decimal places (0.12345678901234566), while the value in Google Sheets has only 15 (0.123456789012345). You can:

  • Select Submit to send the shorter value (0.123456789012345) to Anaplan.
  • Select Refresh all data to update Google Sheets with the data from Anaplan (0.123456789012346).