In Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets, you can insert new columns and rows on a worksheet that has a connection to Anaplan. This is useful if you want to perform additional calculations on the data, or add data from another source.

Create a new row or column if you want to enter new data. New columns and rows you insert on a worksheet are preserved when you refresh the connection with Anaplan.

If you copy and paste Anaplan data elsewhere in the worksheet where it's no longer under the Anaplan column and row headers, the data does not refresh when you refresh the connection.

Some grids use nested dimensions instead of page selectors. If you insert new column headers between nested row headers, or new row headers between nested column headers, this breaks the connection. 

To insert new column headers in nested dimensions, insert them in Anaplan then refresh the connection.

To insert a new column, right-click the column heading to the right or left of where you want the new column to be and select Insert 1 column to the left or Insert 1 column to the right .

To insert a new row, right-click the ro heading above or below where you want the new column to be and select Insert 1 row above or Insert 1 row below .

Note: When you add or remove a large number of columns or rows in a Google Sheets worksheet (independent of the add-on), the browser tab may crash. This usually occurs if you add or remove more than 100 rows or columns at once.

When many columns and rows are added or removed in an Anaplan saved view, create a new connection.

Note: If you remove more than 30 items from a nested list in a worksheet connected to an Anaplan saved view, you may be unable to refresh the connection. The Retrieving data dialog displays. You can close the dialog and discard the refresh but you cannot refresh the connection to Anaplan again. Create a new connection to continue working with the view in Google Sheets.