Get the following information from the Salesforce administrator and inform Anaplan Support:

    • The list of user names that the administrator enabled for the Anaplan tab.
      • Make sure that each user name matches the Anaplan login name (typically, their work email address). 
    • The corresponding ID for each user.
    • The Organization ID.
    • Determine if the Salesforce administrator provisioned manually or with APIs.

Provide these instructions to the Anaplan end users who use Salesforce. Otherwise, this feature won't work.

  1. In, select the + sign.
  2. Select Customize My Tabs.
  3. Select Anaplan in Available Tabs and add it to Selected Tabs.

The Anaplan tab displays.

  1. Log in to Salesforce and select the Anaplan tab. This gives you access to Anaplan without a separate login.
  2. Use the tiles to choose a workspace.

Note: The next time you select the Anaplan tab, you will see the most recent workspaces rather than the tiles.

  1. If the Anaplan tab doesn't enable entry to Anaplan, contact your Salesforce administrator.
  2. If the Anaplan tab displays no data, contact your Anaplan workspace admin.