A Salesforce user can access Anaplan models from the Anaplan tab within Salesforce.

  1. The Salesforce.com administrator, the Anaplan administrator, and Anaplan Support must perform certain installation and configuration steps. See Salesforce administrator tasks and Anaplan administrator tasks.
  2. The pre-authorized Salesforce.com end users use the Customize My Tabs feature to add Anaplan as a tab.

These end users do not have to perform a separate login for Anaplan because the Salesforce.com administrator enables single sign-on (SSO).

If you will be setting up a preliminary "sandbox" environment for testing purposes before setting up a Production environment, be aware that there is no migration from one environment to another.

  1. Follow the instructions given in the "Anaplan Tab in Salesforce.com" section to prepare the sandbox environment.
  2. Install the "Anaplan" package in the sandbox environment and perform your tests.
  3. Get the organization ID for your company in Salesforce in the sandbox environment.
  4. Get the User ID for each user in Salesforce in the sandbox environment.
  5. Verify that the Salesforce.com username for the sandbox environment matches the Anaplan login for that user.
  6. Ask Anaplan Support to add the Org ID and User Salesforce ID for each user of the sandbox environment.