The Dell Boomi AtomSphere Platform provides a graphical environment in which Boomi process developers can design and configure integration processes with Boomi to other applications, such as Salesforce, Workday, and SAP.

 With the Anaplan Connector, you can build Boomi processes that import from, or export into:

    • Anaplan lists
    • Anaplan modules
    • Anaplan users

The latest Anaplan Connector for Boomi is developed and maintained by DELL.

The Anaplan Connector for Boomi is an endpoint connector for Boomi's ETL tool that allows users to extract, transform, and load data from any source system into Anaplan. The Anaplan Connector is an alternative to Anaplan Connect, Anaplan's command-line tool that uses batch files and allows automated scheduling on the operating system scheduling tool.

For example, the Boomi process you build might:

    • Import data into Anaplan from a database, Salesforce, or a .csv file.
    • Export a recently updated module from Anaplan.
    • Be scheduled to perform transformations on data from one or more data sources.

A fundamental component in a Boomi process is the Boomi Connector, which uses credentials to connect to a data source and perform operations.

The Anaplan Connector can be used for both import and export processes.

To obtain the Anaplan Connector, contact your Technical Account Manager or

    • Anaplan login credentials.
    • An on-premise Dell Boomi atom with a deployment of the Anaplan Connector. See the Dell Boomi AtomSphere page for Anaplan Connector.
    • Each instance of the Anaplan Connector requires proper configuration of its Connection and its Operation.