SnapLogic is a modern ETL tool that provides data transfer between a range of source and target systems, including many cloud-based applications.

Data transfers through SnapLogic are configured using the SnapLogic Designer, a graphical tool which runs in the browser. The latest Anaplan Snaplogic Connector is called the "Anaplan Snap Pack," and is developed and maintained by SnapLogic.

This connector leverages the Anaplan API to import and export Anaplan data. The Anaplan Snap Pack provides components for reading data from and writing data to the Anaplan server using SnapLogic, and executing pre-configured Actions on the Anaplan server. The Anaplan Snap provides building blocks so you can create a pipeline that performs a single function such as read, write, or act on data. Snaps are found in the Snap catalog, which is accessible from the Snaplogic Designer. To use the Anaplan Snap in a pipeline, drag a Snap from the Snap catalog onto the workspace. For more information, see

 An Anaplan login, and familiarity with Anaplan and Snaplogic.

To obtain the Anaplan Snap Pack:

    • If you're a Snaplogic customer, contact your Technical Account Manager.
    • If you're not a Snaplogic customer, contact Snaplogic Partner Sales (