Context selectors are drop-down lists that enable you to switch flexibly between dimension values to change the context of a page. You can configure context selectors to guide users to the data they need to see.

When you choose a value on a context selector, you change the data displayed on a page to that of the selected value.

Context selectors help you to quickly and easily find the data that matters to you.

Anaplan can display more than two dimensions on a grid: one on columns; one on rows; and any remaining dimensions on context selectors (one for each dimension). 

Page builders might add a dimension such as version, region, period, or product as a context selector. As a user, you can select values for any dimension that the model builder has configured as a context selector. The values you can select for a dimension are determined by the page builder.

Context selectors display in the top-right of a worksheet. Individual values for the dimension display in a dropdown. When you hover your cursor over a card, the context selectors that influence the card are displayed within a blue outline.

A worksheet titled Account Targets. The mouse cursor is hovering over a chart card titled Revenue and COGS by company, which means the Total Company context selector has a blue outline.

You can also filter the data in a grid on a worksheet to change the data that displays on a page.

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